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Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask Is Fighting Acne!

Acne is the one condition that almost anyone, regardless of age, gender, or race, can relate to. We’ve all dealt with it, but have we all conquered it? Light therapy is helping men and women all over the world do just that. Conquer it!

What Is Acne?

Pretty simple question, right? We all know what acne is. It’s those bright red zits that always showed up at the most inopportune times when you were 16. It’s those pestering black heads all across your nose that you can never seem to squeeze out. It’s those patches of red spots showing up on your cheeks when you feel far too old for it. We can all define acne, I’m sure. But why does our skin react the way it does?

Acne is an extremely common skin condition. According to HealthLine, a popular website dedicated to explaining medical conditions and the intricate details of them. In the Symptom Checker section of the website, HealthLine explains just what acne is.

“Acne occurs when the pores on your skin become blocked with oil, dead skin, or bacteria. Each pore on your skin is the opening to a follicle. The follicle is made up of a hair and a sebaceous (oil) gland. The oil gland releases sebum (oil), which travels up the hair, out of the pore, and onto your skin. The sebum keeps your skin lubricated and soft. If you develop acne, this may be because of one or more problems in this lubrication process. These possible causes include:

  • too much oil or sebum is being produced by the follicle
  • dead skin cells are accumulating in the pore
  • bacteria has built up in the pore

An overabundance of oil, a pore clogged by dead skin cells, and bacteria all contribute to the development of pimples. A zit appears when the bacteria grows in the clogged pore and the oil is unable to escape.”

If your skin is constantly being affected by your pores being plugged, you may be struggling with acne. And no, you’re not unusual if you’re 40 years old and have acne. Acne can affect people of all ages. From young children just entering puberty, to residents in nursing homes. Life isn’t like the movies and sometimes you just get acne.

What Causes Acne?

Acne can be caused by a wide array of things. Hormonal changes, such as puberty or pregnancy can cause temporary acne. Certain medications can increase the risk as well. Birth control pills and corticosteroids are just a couple examples. Diet also plays a major role in developing acne. Unhealthy diets, diets high in refined sugars, and diets high carbohydrates such as bread and chips make the body more susceptible.

People assume that they’re just not washing their face enough, or they need a new face cream, but most of the time that’s not the case. Hey, maybe washing your face did the trick. But for most people, that’s just not the case. Most people need some medical treatment without the crazy costs.

Light Therapy & Acne

Light therapy has been clinically proven by dermatologists for over a decade to treat mild to moderate acne. While treatments can be conducted in doctor’s and dermatologist’s offices, the newest invention is light therapy at home! At home light therapy devices are cost effective, easy to fit into your schedule, and let you be in control! Neutrogena has created a light therapy mask specifically designed to treat acne on men and women. The Neutrogena Light Mask is reinventing how we treat acne at home!

Light therapy kicks acne’s butt with the help of red and blue lights. The two major factors that contribute to acne are bacteria and inflammation. The blue light from the mask kills the acne causing bacteria while the red light penetrates deep into the skin to reduce inflammation. Pretty simple, right? Plus the treatments are convenient and easy! After washing your face, put the mask on, press the activate button, and sit and relax for 10 minutes. The mask should be added into your daily health regime and you’ll start to see results in as little as one week! As long as you stick to a schedule, the Neutrogena Light Mask can completely rejuvenate your skin! You’ll feel and look better than ever.

We love the Neutrogena Light Mask for more than just the fact that it treats acne. The mask comes with a long list of benefits…

  • 100% UV free
  • Chemical free
  • FDA cleared
  • Cost effective
  • Convenient
  • Treatments don’t take long
  • Small and portable
  • Extremely effective
  • Creates healthy and youthful glow

A word from the users…

Neutrogena collected reviews from Light Mask users who shared their opinions on Twitter. They then decided to share the reviews on their website. We’ve decided to share some of them with you, just so you can listen to someone besides us, too!

“My skin felt soft, clearer, and less oily than usual. Lightweight and comfortable…very easy to use!”

“This light therapy mask has been a major game changer in my skin care! It targets the issues within our skin that need more deep, gentle care.”

“My skin feels and looks amazing… I recommend this completely!”

“Got rid of troubled acne… more than happy with my results as my skin is now clearer than ever before.”

What do you think? Is it time to buy yourself a Neutrogena Light Mask? Remember, it’s never too late!

How Light Therapy Works – Part 2!


What It Is…

Light therapy is a natural form of therapy that can treat a wide array of conditions and disorders through the power of light. With patience, dedication, and a schedule that fits your lifestyle, light therapy can make you feel at the top of your game at all times!

Light therapy can be used to treat mental disorders such as seasonal affective disorder, depression, insomnia, bipolar disorder, jet lag, and more. It is also used to treat physical conditions such as acne, skin rejuvenation, scar healing, chronic pain, joint and muscle pain, wound healing, and so much more. In this article, we are going to discuss how light therapy treats physical conditions. You read that right – light can cure your acne!

How It Works…

Light therapy works to treat physical conditions such as acne, skin disorders, wrinkles, chronic pain, and more by penetrating into the skin and activating specific cellular activity depending on what your body needs and which devices are being used.

When it comes to light therapy in this regard, there are a lot more options and a lot more to explain! Each condition requires a specific device as well as a specific treatment plan. However, when done right, light therapy has the power to completely change the game. Light therapy is all natural, drug-free, harm-free, and cost effective, which can make treatment for all of the following conditions much easier to endure.


Red light and blue light therapy are the most common forms of light used to treat acne. The blue light penetrates into the skin to kill acne-causing bacteria in the pores while red light reduces inflammation and reduces the production of oils. The combination of the two is undeniable and can kick acne’s butt in no time.


When it comes to anti-aging, wrinkles, and sun damage, light therapy is the best. Red light therapy produces elastin and collagen which prevents skin aging. It also increases circulation by relaxing the blood vessels in the specific treatment areas which allows blood to flow more easily. This helps to prevent and diminish wrinkles because increased circulation encourages the production of new skin cells.


Light therapy is often used to treat a wide array of pain, even chronic pain, all caused by different conditions. Red Light Therapy can treat muscle pain, joint pain, herniated and bulging disks, muscle related back pain, Osteoarthritis, pulled and strained muscles, Fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, inflammation, bone fractures, chips, and sprains, nerve injuries, neck pain, neck stiffness, and more.

Red light therapy treats this long list because of its power to penetrate deep into the body and reach the tissue beneath the skin with the use of infrared lights, lamps, pads, beds, and more. Red infrared light has the power to activate cellular activity which can begin the body’s natural healing process as well as reduce inflammation which alone can cause great pain.

Wound Healing:

Did you know that red light can heal a wound 200% faster than any other treatment plan? Red and/or infrared red light therapy can close and treat a wound, even in diabetics, which is far from easy. There are quite a few ways that light therapy works to treat wounds:

  • Increases circulation and the formation of new capillaries. Both of these activities allow the wounded area to receive more of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to heal.
  • Increases phagocytosis which is the cleanup of dead or damaged cells which helps control infections.
  • Increases lymph system activity which ensures efficient cleansing and detoxification of wounds without taking over the lymph system.
  • Stimulates production of fibroblasts which synthesize collagen, elastin, and proteoglycans in final stages of healing process.
  • Stimulates production of collagen which is key for closing a wound.
  • Stimulates tissue granulation which forms new connective tissue and small bloods vessels on the surfaces of a wound during healing.
  • Causes the release of ATP or raw cellular energy. Helps provide energy to the damaged and surrounding cells so they can do what they are meant to do and heal themselves.

Best Brands for Physical Health Light Therapy…

  • ReVive Light Therapy
  • Project E Beauty
  • Tendilite
  • Light Relief
  • DPL Flex
  • Philips
  • Beaurer North America
  • Yok Pollar

Don’t Believe The Myths About Light Therapy!

Light therapy is a form of all natural therapy that is changing lives around the world. During the basic and most common form of light therapy, patients sit near a special lamp that emits bright light for a set amount of time on a daily schedule. This artificial lighting is meant to mimic natural outdoor light with the goal of affecting the body’s internal clock. Our internal clocks, or circadian rhythms, regulate the way our brains react to energy during the daytime, sleep during the nighttime, and when our bodies become hungry. Melatonin, a sleep hormone, is naturally released in our brains at night when our internal clock is off. Serotonin, our mood altering hormone that provides us with energy, is supposed to be consistently being released throughout the day, while our internal clock is on and active. However, due to factors such as work schedules, seasonal changes, mental disorders, sleeping problems, and more, it is very easy for our circadian rhythms to be thrown off. This is where light therapy saves us!

Since our circadian rhythms are greatly influenced by natural every day environmental factors such as the sunrise and sunset, light therapy is a wonderful way to make sure our bodies are releasing melatonin and serotonin at the correct times. Doing so can treat mental disorders such as depression and seasonal affective disorder, increase energy and happiness levels, improve skin conditions, and so much more!

As with any medical practice, there is a long list of myths that follow light therapy around. We’re here to share some myths with you and provide you with the facts. Let’s get down to it.

Myth #1: All Light Therapy Is The Same

While we’ve been noting light therapy for mental conditions in this article, there are many different forms of light therapy. Aside from standard bright light treatments, there are also red, blue, and green light therapy devices. These devices can treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne. They are also wildly successful at rejuvenating the skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, and making you feel like your sixteen year old self again! Red light is also used for muscle and joint pain, wound healing, chronic pain, and more. Don’t stop at bright light, all of the colors are wonderful!

Myth #2: Light Therapy Is Only Used For Depression

It’s true, light therapy is most commonly used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder and other forms of depression. However, light therapy has endless potential for our mental and emotional well being. It can also treat sleep disorders, dementia, bipolar disorder, jet lag, and more. Assuming that light therapy is only good for one thing is just silly!

Myth #3: So I Just Stare Into A Light Bulb For Hours?

Wrong! It’s easy to assume that light therapy treatments consist of sitting in front of light bulbs and waiting for the magic to happen. But in actuality, treatment sessions typically don’t last longer than 30 minutes a day. The sessions are easy to fit into your daily routine and most devices allow you to do other activities to pass the time or multitask. Try reading a book, knitting, or eating a meal while sitting in front of your light therapy device!

Also, you wouldn’t stare into the light – so take note of that. A light therapy device usually emits light that is 100 times brighter than most indoor lighting, since the treatments are intense and succinct, so you definitely don’t want to be staring into that bulb!

Myth #4: There Are No Side Effects!

It’s always important to talk with a doctor before starting any new medical treatment. Just because light is natural and we can’t necessarily feel treatment sessions when they’re occurring doesn’t mean that they are 100% harmless. Light therapy can have a negative effect on those with sensitive skin and eyes. It can also cause eye straining, headaches, nausea, or irritability. Most of these side effects are mild and short term, however it is still important to monitor the usage of your light therapy device and consider any personal conditions –such as bipolar disorder or a severe skin condition — before beginning treatment – for example

It’s easy to make assumptions about things that are not normal or common. Light therapy is a world changing treatment that deserves all of the praise and credit you can give it! Make no assumptions about light therapy, don’t believe the myths, and know your facts. If you follow these words, you will end up thanking us! We promise.

What Everyone Needs To Know About Light Therapy

Light therapy is breaking ground all across the world and yet most people go through their every day lives having no idea what it is and how much potential it holds. Light therapy is going to blow your mind!

None of us are perfect, and honestly, more people than you would think struggle with serious disorders that affect their every day lives. Light therapy has been proven effective in a wide array of scenarios. A light box imitates outdoor light, which boosts energy levels and improves health, as well as multiple other perks.The process of using a light box and other forms of the therapy have been successfully treating all sorts of disorders. These conditions range from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), to depression, to hair loss, to acne that you thought you would never get rid of, to muscle pain, and a little bit of every in between.

Light therapy is powerful, easy to use, cost effective, all natural, harm free, and ready for you whenever you’re ready. Now lets learn what everyone needs to know about light therapy…

It Can Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression:

If you struggle with any form of depression, light therapy may be a cure for your struggles. Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is a form of depression that usually strikes annually during fall and winter. For some people, symptoms for SAD occur during summer and spring, but it is rare. Symptoms for the disorder include irritability, trouble getting along with others, weight gain and major appetite changes, low energy levels, extreme sensitivity to rejection, oversleeping, and an achey, heavy feeling throughout the limbs.

For people with depression, aside from Seasonal Affective Disorder, light therapy can help by simply using a light box to bring their energy levels back to normal. Depression is usually apparent in conjunction with lack of sleep and Circadian Rhythm Disorders. Circadian Rhythm Disorders are changes in a person’s normal rhythm of their 24 hours cycles. When the patterns of the brain wave activity drastically change due to work, pregnancy, medications, time zone changes, routine swaps, and medical issues such as Alzheimer’s, it is hard for the brain to keep up. Making it is easy for depression to creep in. Light therapy can help bring your brain and energy levels back to a point that is difficult to reach without any assistance.

It Can Treat Other Mental Disorders Such As Bipolar Disorder:

More than three million people in the United States are diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, also referred to as Manic Depression each year. The disorder brings about episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs. Most people struggling with the disorder undergo periods of elevated moods, either high or low, and increased irritability. A reduced need for sleep, depression symptoms, and loss of interest in passions are all common occurrences.

Unfortunately, Bipolar Disorder cannot be cured, but light therapy has been proven to show signs of improvement. Light therapy helps keep the biological clock on time in people with Bipolar Disorder and other mental illnesses. This clock can be easily agitated and can throw off sleep and wake cycles which are known to stir up symptoms such as mania and depression. Using light therapy aids in regulating biological patterns, in turn reducing mood swings and major brain wave changes.

People who struggle with SAD, depression, and Bipolar Disorder, often face other mental disorders such as Bulimia and Anorexia. The therapy indirectly improves mood, thus reducing the need to binge or purge.

It Can Treat Insomnia:

There are more than three million US cases of Insomnia per year. Insomnia can usually be self-diagnosed and the symptoms include difficulty falling asleep and remaining asleep. People who struggle with Insomnia are often overly tired, lack concentration, show signs of depression, are extremely irritable, and suffer from headaches.

Similar to Bipolar Disorder, insomnia doesn’t have a direct cure. However, light therapy shows major signs of improvement in people and for people who struggle with moderate to mild insomnia, light therapy can most certainly be the cure. The internal clock in people with insomnia is often off which causes them to struggle when it comes to sleep. By managing when the brain releases melatonin and seratonin, insomnia symptoms can be alleviated and the brain’s internal clock can get itself back on track.

It Can Cure Psoriasis and Other Skin Conditions:

Light therapy is extremely effective for skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Scleroderma, and many other disorders. The process works by decreasing cell growth and inflammation that create skin issues. Psoriasis is a common skin problem that has seen results when treated with light therapy processes. Psoriasis occurs when skin cells build up and form itchy and scaly patches on your body. Using a light box in a scenario such as this would slow down your cell growth and bring this painful condition to a halt. Do you struggle with any of these skin conditions? Light therapy may be the skin treatment you’ve been looking for.

It Can Cure Chronic Pain:

Red light therapy is used every day to treat chronic pain. This form of therapy became popular when professional athletes began using it for pain relief as well as wound healing.

This most likely goes without saying, but no one wants to take pain killers every day. They’re dangerous, your body becomes overly reliant, and they make your stomach a wreck. An even better statement: it’s pretty difficult to lead a happy life when living with chronic pain. No worries. The cure is here.

Red light therapy is very commonly used for pain relief. It’s used in doctor’s offices all over, athlete’s swear by it, Chiropractor’s praise it, and it’ll be hard to find someone with a negative opinion on the matter. It’s gentle, drug-free, non-invasive, and 100% awesome. In most cases, it has proven extremely effective in reducing pains and aches. In some cases, red light therapy has actually totally eliminated aches and pains. Red light therapy can treat herniated and bulging disks, muscle related back pain, Osteoarthritis, pulled and strained muscles, Fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, inflammation, bone fractures, chips, and sprains, nerve injuries, neck pain, neck stiffness, and more.

It Can Treat Hair Loss:

When it comes to hair regrowth, red light therapy is making our jaws drop. Low Level Light Therapy or Low Light Laser Therapy (LLLT), are what specialists are using and it is directly creating hair regrowth for people who struggle with male pattern baldness, hair loss due to age, stress, and more.

These treatment sessions use red and near infrared light therapy. The treatment does not need to be in the form of a laser to work, but some people prefer it. Wavelengths in the range of 630 to 670 nanometers are most commonly used for this form of Light Therapy. The treatment works because visible red light is capable of being absorbed by the molecules in our hair follicles. When absorbed, this can stimulate growth of the hair thanks to a natural biological reaction. This only works if the light is absorbed, which is why lasers are usually preferred.

It Can Treat Acne, Scars, Wrinkles, and Blemishes:

Most people have struggled or will struggle with those not so pretty blemishes on our cheeks, our noses, our foreheads, our backs, and other unfortunate places. Acne is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells. The bothersome condition results in pimples, blackheads, and bumps. It’s honestly a pretty difficult condition to conquer. Some people can lay off the greasy potato chips, change their pillow cases every single morning, and still end up with zits on their foreheads. Some people can apply all of the expensive creams in the world, try every homeopathic treatment, read every Pinterest article about how to get rid of their zits, and they will still struggle. Some people deal with terrible side affects with acne medications, or they just can’t afford to keep getting it refilled! This is where light therapy can kick acne right out of your life.

Exposing your skin to different forms of Light Therapy can help kill the bacteria in and on your skin that causes redness and swelling from acne. Using a form of Light Therapy will not be a quick kill for your zits. It will not just zap them away like a laser does. Instead, the treatment kills the bacteria that causes acne and reduces the amount of oil-producing glands on your skin. It givesyour skin a chance to recover by itself, without harming or damaging it for the long run. Depending on what is needed and wanted, the treatment will either use red light, blue light, or a combination of the two.

Light therapy also works wonders by treating scars, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and overall rejuvenating your skin to bring back youth and a healthy glow. All of these conditions can be cured with one light therapy device, but depending on your specific conditions and the severity of them, it’s best to do research and speak to a doctor before buying or using a device.

We barely cracked the surface here and we’re excited just talking about light therapy! Light therapy is still new. We learn more every day, and the possibilties are endless. It’s time to get on board!

Top 6 Forms of Light Therapy for SAD

Fall is here and winter is just around the corner! It’s getting to that time of the year where highly sensitive people begin to become affected by the changing of the seasons. We’re talking about the people who need the sun to thrive. The people who enter hibernation when the sun starts to set at 5 pm. We’re talking about victims of seasonal affective disorder, or seasonal depression. This is a condition that affects millions of people each year! Some people don’t even know they suffer from these “winter blues.” But no worries, there is a cure. There are actually 6 of them!

Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder…

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or seasonal depression, is a mood disorder and mild form of depression. Unlike major depression, SAD is temporary. It occurs at the same time each year, usually in the fall and winter months. Some people experience SAD in the opposite months…leaving them to struggle with depression in the spring and summer and not finding happiness again until fall and winter. This form of the depression is much less common. SAD is extremely frequent, affecting more than 3 million US cases each year. It is typically treatable and not a long term condition. The disorder usually resolves within months.

What Are The Symptoms?

Symptoms for winter and fall seasonal affective disorder may include…

• Irritability
• Tiredness or low energy
• Problems getting along with other people
• Hypersensitivity to rejection
• Heavy, “leaden” feeling in the arms or legs
• Oversleeping
• Appetite changes, especially a craving for foods high in carbs
• Weight gain

Symptoms for spring and summer seasonal affective disorder may include…

• Depression
• Trouble sleeping (Insomnia)
• Weight loss
• Poor appetite
• Agitation or anxiety

(Symptoms lists from

Why Seasonal Affective Disorder Is So Common…

We do not know exactly why SAD occurs and what causes it. However, many studies have been done in attempt to figure it out. Our biological clock (Circadian Rhythm), is the main factor. Due to the increased amount of darkness and decreased amount of sunlight in the fall and winter months, our body’s internal clock is off. This can lead to feelings of depression. Another major factor is our serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter chemical in our brains that affects our moods. When the amount of sunlight that we are exposed to is reduced, our serotonin levels drop, prompting depression. The third reason is our melatonin levels. Melatonin is a hormone in our brains that anticipates the daily onset of darkness. When our light levels are off, for example, when it gets dark at 4 p.m. due to daylight savings, our brain gets confused and releases melatonin. This tricks our brain and body and messes up our brain waves as well as our energy levels.

The Huffington Post took to their Healthy Living blog to discuss “10 Things Everyone Should Know About Seasonal Depression.” Lindsay Holmes, Healthy Living Editor, went in detail explaining how Seasonal Depression should be analyzed and discussed with a doctor. Holmes claims that sometimes Seasonal Depression is a sign of underlying depression. She also says the condition is not something to joke about and it’s an actual serious illness. For her eighth and ninth reasons on the blog, she explains where the depression seems to be the most prevalent as well as who seems to deal with it the most. Holmes says:

“It’s more prevalent in northern states. People who live in colder, cloudier climates may be more susceptible to the disorder. Northern states have higher rates of SAD than southern states, according to the University of California, Irvine.

SAD is more common in women. Studies show women have higher rates of depression than men, including SAD, the New York Times reported. However, that doesn’t mean men are immune. Depression doesn’t discriminate and can affect anyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity or any biological factor.”

Light Therapy and Seasonal Affective Disorder…

Light therapy is a form of therapy that uses different forms of light to treat a wide array of conditions. Doctors of all sciences have been using light therapy on their patients for years. Thanks to the convenience of new light therapy products, it is now easy and accessible to use light therapy products at home. Light therapy has been helping to cure SAD on ground-breaking levels and there is no sign of it stopping.

Most people suffering from SAD don’t do anything to fix the issue. Instead of looking for an answer, they assume it’s normal. They sleep in a little longer, drink more coffee, and wait for spring to poke it’s head out. Some people don’t even know they are struggling with something that is actually medically recognizable. To them, it’s just the winter blues. But by ignoring the fact that they’re suffering, they’re missing out on some months that could be wonderful. With today’s modern technology, there’s no need to avoid the topic anymore. There are six forms of light therapy that have been proven effective at treating seasonal affective disorder.

Top 6 Forms of Light Therapy for SAD…

1. Dawn Simulators

Dawn simulators mimic the natural rising of the sun and are the most natural, authentic form of light therapy. There are two different types of dawn simulators. One option simulates the natural representation of dawn for a springtime sunrise. Another option simulates a sigmoidal shaped dawn that can last between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Dawn simulators are highly effective because early morning light signals are much more powerful in regards to our brains that any other light sources throughout the day. Our brains are sensitive to morning light.

Dawn simulators can be a stand alone light source that is a bit like an alarm clock or it can be an attachment that you plug into your bedside lamp.

2. Light Boxes

Light boxes are the most common form of light therapy. They are used in clinical studies and always promote positive results. They are flat screens that emit a full spectrum fluorescent light. The light box typically emits 10,000 lux.

These devices are used on a set schedule. Patients sit in front of them each day at the same time for between 30 to 60 minutes. These devices are easy and you can use them at your own convenience. For example, when you’re reading the newspaper or eating your breakfast each morning.

3. Natural Spectrum Light Bulbs

Natural spectrum light bulbs are simply an addition to a lamp at your home or work. They can be used on a set schedule just like a light box or they can be left on throughout the day, just like a normal lamp. They typically emit at least 10,000 lux and are known to be highly effective. Just like light boxes, these bulbs can adjust your circadian rhythm and boost your mood levels.

4. Bluewave Technology

Blue light, or blue wave technology, is another form of light therapy used to treat seasonal affective disorder. It is used in the form of a light box, just like the option  discussed above, but the light panel or bulbs are slightly different.

The only downside to this option is the blue light is extremely similar to the light that is emitted by technology such as your cellphone or computer. Studies have shown that using a cellphone, computer, tv, etc., before bed can effect your sleep in a negative way. So if you are planning on using blue light therapy, be sure to do your treatment session earlier in the day to avoid any potential sleep issues.

5. Bright Light Sun Visors

A light therapy hat! So fun, right? These personal light therapy boxes are worn as a hat. They are used for a set amount of time each day and can let you keep your light therapy box right on your head for easy convenience throughout the day. This is wonderful if you’re a busy bee!

Be sure to use bright light sun visors with caution and read all of the instructions on the packing first. Keeping a light source so close to your eyes is definitely something that needs to be monitored.

6. Light on a Timer

This form of light therapy for seasonal affective disorder is similar to a dawn simulator except it can be used at any time throughout the day. Also, the change in light is far more abrupt than a simulator. This form of therapy is helpful for people who struggle with getting out of bed in the morning or who often forget to do their light therapy treatment sessions.

Try setting the lights in your room on a timer. With the help of your alarm clock you will definitely wake up in time and have a great, serotonin filled day. Or perhaps the warm light in your office will automatically turn on for one hour each day, mimicking the outdoor light and keeping your circadian rhythm in check.


Light Therapy Could Cure Cancer!

Cancer is quite possibly the worst thing to happen to this world. It breaks hearts, destroys lives, weakens everyone involved, and there is no cure at the moment. But how would you feel if we told you there’s a light at the end of the tunnel? Literally. A light.

What Is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that occurs when abnormal cells divide uncontrollably. These cells destroy body tissue, killing the body of it’s victim. The most common forms of cancer are…

  • Breast cancer: forms in cells of the breasts
  • Prostate cancer: in a man’s prostate which is a small gland shaped like a walnut. This gland produces seminal fluid.
  • Basal cell cancer: skin cancer that begins in basal cells
  • Melanoma: skin cancer. The most dangerous form.
  • Colon cancer: in the color or rectum, in the digestive tract’s lower end.
  • Lung cancer: in the lungs. Most common in smokers.
  • Leukemia: attacks the blood forming tissues. Lowers ability to fight infection.
  • Lymphoma: in the lymphatic system.

The Symptoms…

Because there are so many different forms of cancer, the symptoms vary from case to case. Depending on the part of the body that is affected, the symptoms can greatly vary. However, there are some general signs that are associated with cancer. We have borrowed a list of symptoms/signs from MayoClinic, a credible medical website. They are:

  • Fatigue
  • Lump or area of thickening that can be felt under the skin
  • Weight changes, including unintended loss or gain
  • Skin changes, such as yellowing, darkening or redness of the skin, sores that won’t heal, or changes to existing moles
  • Changes in bowel or bladder habits
  • Persistent cough or trouble breathing
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Hoarseness
  • Persistent indigestion or discomfort after eating
  • Persistent, unexplained muscle or joint pain
  • Persistent, unexplained fevers or night sweats
  • Unexplained bleeding or bruising


If you have any of these symptoms or know someone that does, do not jump to conclusions, but it is smart  consult with a doctor if any of these symptoms are persistent.

The Cause…

Cancer is brought about by mutations/changes to the DNA inside of cells. Here’s how it works. The DNA within a cell is packaged into a large number of separate genes. Each of these genes has a set of instructions that lets the cell know which functions it has to perform. It also instructs it on how to grow and divide. When there are errors in these instructions cells can stop their normal functions. This can cause the cells to become cancerous.

MayoClinic explains that there are three things a gene mutation can do. They can grow, stop growing, or make mistakes. To explain these three common mutations, MayoClinic writes that a gene mutation can instruct a healthy cell to…

  • Allow rapid growth. A gene mutation can tell a cell to grow and divide more rapidly. This creates many new cells that all have that same mutation.
  • Fail to stop uncontrolled cell growth. Normal cells know when to stop growing so that you have just the right number of each type of cell. Cancer cells lose the controls (tumor suppressor genes) that tell them when to stop growing. A mutation in a tumor suppressor gene allows cancer cells to continue growing and accumulating.
  • Make mistakes when repairing DNA errors. DNA repair genes look for errors in a cell’s DNA and make corrections. A mutation in a DNA repair gene may mean that other errors aren’t corrected, leading cells to become cancerous.

These mutations are the most common ones found in cancer. But many other gene mutations can contribute to causing cancer. (

There are many reasons why gene mutations/changes can happen. They occur quite often during normal cell growth. While our cells are equipped with a mechanism that can detect when a mistake happens and it can fix it, some mistakes are missed. This is when they can become cancerous.

Gene mutations can occur for a few different reasons. You can be born with them. You can inherit a gene mutation from your parents. This is a small percentage rate. Most mutations are not inherited and occur after birth. Smoking, radiation, viruses, carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals), obesity, hormones, chronic inflammation, and a lack of exercise can all cause cancer.

Light Therapy & Cancer…

Scientists at Tufts University in Boston have recently been breaking ground with their light therapy cancer research study. Michael Levin is a biologist and head of the Tufts Center for Regenerative and Development Biology and he is quoted as saying, “we call this whole research program cracking the biological code.” Levin and his team have successfully used optogenics, a new form of light therapy, to prevent and reverse tumors in frog embryos..

The Experiments…

During optogenics, a substance is injected into the subject of the experiment. The goal is to bring the subject back to the healthy subject it was before it was injected.

In the optogenics experiments at Tufts University, researchers injected frog embryos with two types of genes. One gene was meant to predispose them to cancer and one was meant to produce light-sensitive ion channels in tumor cells. Ion channels are passageways. They go in and out of a cell and open when responding to specific signals. When these passageways are open, the movement of ions in or out of a cell creates an electrical signal, which is what the researchers were aiming to create. Michael Levin, the head of the experiment, explained that “The idea is much like the brain, when neuroscientists try to figure out the semantics of electrical states in the brain. We try to figure out how patterns are encoded in electrical states in the body.”

The researchers exposed the embryos to light in order to activate the ion channels on the tumor cells. When these channels were activated and the electrical signals in the cells were adjusted, the researchers report that they were successful at preventing and reversing tumor formation in 30% of the embryos. One of the researchers explained that when they blinked the blue light at the tumor for 24 hours the tumor went away.

Why Is This So Important?

Being able to locate and understand the electrical patterns in our cells opens up an entirely new world in cancer research and light therapy. It is now possible to control the speed at which cells divide as well as the information they share with the cells surrounding them. Levin explains that “The electrical communication amongst cells is really important for tumor suppression. The bigger picture is to understand how these voltages are passed among cells and how they control the transfer of chemical signals among cells.”

It is still not known whether or not optogenics can be used to treat cancer in people, but experiments will begin soon on mammals. The important thing to note here is how far science has come and how crucial light therapy may be in the treatment of cancer.

Light to treat cancer! We’ll keep you with more news on these incredible experiments.

Light Therapy & 3 Key Elements


The Three Key Elements… 

Light Therapy can be used for a wide array of conditions and disorders. Each of these forms of treatment requires variations of the 3 key elements of Light Therapy. Duration, timing, and intensity.
The duration of the Light Therapy treatment refers to how long the treatment is conducted and the scheduling of it. This can look like once a week for two months all the way to five days a week for a year depending on the condition. The timing of the Light Therapy treatment refers to how long the treatment is conducted. For example, sitting in front of light box for thirty minutes, or keeping a body wrap around the back for fifteen minutes. The intensity of the Light Therapy treatment refers to the power of the Light Therapy device being used. For example, using a light box with 10,000 lux in order to treat seasonal depression. When these three key elements are scientifically and accurately combined, Light Therapy patients will find themselves on a path to a happier and healthier life.

Choosing The Three Key Elements…

Light Boxes for Depression: 

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a form of depression that occurs each year during the months of fall and winter. The depression occurs due to the lack of sunlight as well as day light savings. These tough months can seriously affect our circadian rhythm, which is the internal clock inside our brains. Normal depression, which can occurs during any of the 12 months of the year, is also very sensitive to light. Using a light box in situation such as this has been proven extremely effective. If someone is struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder, a light box will lift their mood and remind their brain what time of day it is in order to keep mood levels high. If someone is struggling with Depression, a light box can help by effectively elevating the chemicals in the brain that make us feel low.

After much research, the ideal light boxes have been created to fit individual’s lifestyles. Light boxes come in all different shapes and sizes as well as different intensity levels. The method of treatment may vary depending on the severity of the seasonal depression as well as the device being used. The stronger the light, the less time should be spent in front of the light box. Most people use light boxes for a minimum of 30 minutes each morning. A morning treatment can start your day off right and keep your body’s internal clock in check. However, some people don’t have time in the morning and choose to do the treatment at a different time. This is okay too. The more effectively you can fit the treatment into your schedule, the more you will benefit from it. Below is a list of light sources and how much light we receive indoors versus outdoors. Also, note that lux is a standard unit of light flow.

  • Bright moonlight – 1 lux
  • Candle light at 20 cm – 10-15 lux
  • Street light – 10-20 lux
  • Normal living room lighting – 100 lux
  • Office fluorescent light – 300-500 lux
  • Sunlight, 1 hour before sunset – 1000 lux
  • Daylight, cloudy sky – 5000 lux
  • Daylight, clear sky – 10,000-20.000 lux
  • Bright sunlight – 20,000-100,000 lux

Outdoors on a sunny day is 50-100 times brighter than office or room lighting.
(List borrowed from PsychEducation.Org)

With that being said, most light boxes are around 10,000 lux. It’s important to keep cost in mind as well. The higher intensity of the device, the more expensive it is going to be. But if Seasonal Affective Disorder or Depression are controlling your life, is cost necessarily a factor?

Dawn Simulators have also been proven extremely effective in scenarios such Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression and they are noticeably cheaper than light boxes. A Dawn Simulators mimics the sunrise and sunset in your home through a small lamp. A timer must be set and when it’s time for you to start waking up, the simulator will turn on, mimicking the sunrise. This can be left on throughout the day and then slowly shut off as your day winds down. Most people only use the simulator to wake up, sort of acting as an alarm clock. But for people working from home or spending a lot of time in their home during the fall and winter months, it may be effective and helpful to leave the simulator on throughout the day.

Light Boxes For Other Mood Disorders:

Light boxes and dawn simulators, which were described above, are also extremely effective when it comes to mood disorders such as insomnia and jet lag. Seasonal changes, depression, medications, and stress, can all trigger insomnia. And for people that travel a lot for work or pleasure, jet lag can quickly control your life.

Using a Dawn Simulator for both of these conditions can be extremely effective. If you’re struggling with insomnia, a dawn simulator will help you wake up and go to sleep at appropriate times, helping create a proper sleep schedule and breaking insomnia. Also, because insomnia is also a side affect or depression, you could kill two birds with one stone. Using a light box could help too. It could elevate your mood, thus decreasing your stress levels, ultimately letting you fall asleep.

A Dawn Simulator can help fight off jet lag by keeping your body’s internal clock, or circadian rhythm in check. The simulator will help remind your brain the time of day and get you back to normal. A light box could definitely be effective too if it is used in the morning. It will not only keep your brain in sync with the day, but it will also put a smile on your face and a glow on your skin.

Light Therapy Devices For Cosmetic Conditions:

Light Therapy devices are commonly used to fight acne, slow down the cosmetic aging process, and even reverse hair loss. Handheld devices are typically used for acne and usually use either red or blue light. The device uses infrared lighting to penetrate into the pores on the skin to kill the bacteria that creates acne. The devices can also reduce the inflammation on the skin. This process can be done at home or in a dermatologists office. However, at home treatments are going to be far less expensive. The devices are typically held to the skin for 10 minutes increments and the light is commonly between 400 and 1,000 nanometers in intensity.

Anti-aging is one of the most popular benefits of Light Therapy. Red light therapy is commonly use for skin rejuvenation. Treatments can reduce wrinkles, minimize fine lines, reduce cellulite markings, and leave you with a young and healthy glow. Handheld devices, similar or the same as the ones use for acne, can help achieve all of these goals. Red light therapy beds are also extremely common. Similar to a tanning bed, the person undergoing the treatment would lay in the bed for a certain amount of time on a set schedule. Typically 15 to 30 minutes one to multiple times a week.

Hair loss is treated with red light therapy as well. Whether the hair loss is due to old age, pattern baldness, stress, or a skin condition, red light is known to help. The patient will either use a handheld device or a light panel and set a schedule for themself. The intensity is the same at the options discussed above. Of course, for all of these things, reading instructions and taking your personal condition into order before beginning treatment will give you the best results.

Light Therapy Devices For Severe Skin Conditions:

Light Therapy can help with more serious conditions, such as Rosacea, Eczema, Athlete’s Foot, Psoriasis, and more. If you are currently taking medication for any of these conditions or similar ones, it may be worth discussing Red Light Therapy with your doctor and finding a better option for your body. The treatments won’t take over your life and can be easily fit into your daily routine.

Red light therapy is used for just about all of these conditions. The same devices discussed above are used for these skin conditions. Blue light therapy is currently being used to treat certain types of skin cancers and it is remarkable. A solution is put onto the skin and then blue light is applied to the cancerous areas. The light penetrates through to the skin, killing the cancerous matter.

As discussed before, depending on the severity and exact circumstance of the condition, the treatments length and intensity levels differ. These treatments, aside from skin cancer, can be done at home or at a doctor’s office.

Light Therapy For Pain:

Red light therapy is commonly used amount athlete’s for pain management. Red light can treat aches and pains, reduce muscle and joint pain, help manage chronic pain, speed up the healing process for a wide array of injuries, and much more. Red light therapy beds, as discussed above, are commonly used for all of these conditions. Body wraps that use red infrared light are used as well and are much easier to fit to your lifestyle.

Starting The Treatment…

As with all major lifestyle changes regarding your health, it is always important to consult with a doctor who knows your history first. The next step is to choose whether to do the treatments at home or in a doctor’s office. If possible, at home treatments are usually the best route. Not only are they far less expensive, it is also easier to manage your time around the treatments if you only have to worry about your own schedule. It’s important to choose the right light therapy device. If it doesn’t fit your needs or schedule, you will never use it!

And lastly, but most importantly, keep an open mind. Light therapy is a natural form of therapy which could lead to doubts. But if your mind is open and you stick to a schedule, light therapy can seriously be life changing. The treatment will not heal you over night, but if you are dedicated, you can witness wonders.

Top 10 Blue Light Therapy Products Under $100

Blue light therapy is continually being proven effective in treating diverse conditions. The all mighty blue light is most known for treating cosmetic details such as acne, wrinkles scars, etc. But in recent years it has been treating cancer! Can you believe that? When combined with a specific solution, UV light has been proven to treat certain types of skin cancer. Blue light therapy is also used to treat mood disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a form of depression that occurs during the fall and winter months when the seasonal changes tend to rule your brain. Blue light raises mood and energy levels and helps bring your mind back up to par. Blue light therapy treatments can be done at home in a doctor’s office. While it is important to speak with your doctor before starting any sort of treatment, at home treatments are typically the most common route. In office doctor session can tend to get expensive. This is why we created this list for you! Here are the Top 10 Blue Light Therapy Products Under $100. Are you ready to start shopping?

1.) Philips GoLITE BLU Energy Light

Walmart for $81.81

The Philips GoLITE BLU Energy Light was created to boost energy levels and increase the overall happiness of people that just need a little nudge. The blue light is meant to have the same effect on the brain as a clear blue sky during the day. It is also as effective as a 10,000 lux white light, for just a fraction of the price. There are three light settings, it’s portable and it plugs into the wall. Just 20 to 30 minutes in front of this light and you’ll be ready to conquer the world.

2.) IlluMask Acne Light Therapy Mask

Amazon for $17.27

The IlluMask Acne Light Therapy Mask includes both blue and red light therapy and is intended to treat mild forms of acne. It’s hands free and easy to use. It’s also harm free due to the fact that there are no chemicals or UV rays used. The package includes a mask and 30 different forms of treatment. This mask has wonderful reviews and the price is great. Why wouldn’t you give it a shot?

3.) NatureBright Sun Touch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp

Amazon for $39.99

The NatureBright Sun Touch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp uses 10,000 lux light therapy and negative ion therapy which is notable due to it’s price point. This lamp is intended to balances your body’s internal clock which is the main reason why Seasonal Affective Disorder exists. Once your mind and body are back on track you start to feel refreshed and energized. Ion therapy has also been proven effective when used as anti depressant and can show results in as little as three days. This lamp is recommended by the Columbia Department of Psychiatry and the New York State Psychiatry Institute. Not too bad, right?

4.) LED Light Therapy Skin Care System

Amazon for $99.99

This skin care system includes three interchangeable heads. Whether you need red light, blue light, or green light to treat your skin, the LED Light Therapy Skin Care System from Bright Therapy has got you covered. This handheld device is cordless and only needs to be charged after each of your 30 minute treatments. It’s simple to use due to the clean interface with just two buttons and a 10 minute timer. The LEDS in the head last 10,000 hours, which essentially means they never burn out or need to be swapped. For just under $100 and being completely drug free, this Blue Light Therapy Device may be the one for you.

5.) RubyLux Red & Blue LED Bulb

Amazon for $19.99

Unlike most Blue Light Therapy devices, this product isn’t handheld and it won’t be held directly onto your skin. Instead, the RubyLux Red & Blue LED Bulb can be inserted into most lighting fixtures and lamp and boom! Simple as that, you’ve got a Blue Light Therapy lamp. The red bulbs are at wavelengths between 640 to 660 nanometers and the blue bulbs are at wavelengths between 400 to 415 nanometers. There are 38 LED bulbs in total and they are all closely packed together, creating a high power bulb. Because most of the bulb consists of red lighting, this lamp may not be ideal for mood disorders. Instead, this bulb was intended to treat cosmetic conditions and disorders. This is ideal for reducing inflammation from acne as well as treating skin conditions such as Rosacea and Psoriasis.

6.) RubyLux All Blue LED Bulb

Amazon for $19.99

Made by the same company as the bulb discussed above, the RubyLux All Blue LED bulb is a simple way to add Blue Light Therapy to your lifestyle. This bulb can be inserted into any light fixture, letting you experience Blue light therapy just about anywhere you choose. The bulb have blue wavelengths at 415 nanometers and is made with 38 small but high power LEDs. The LEDs are closely set together, giving you a power bulb with a tiny size. This bulb is ideal for treating skin conditions and mood disorders. For $19.99, why not give it a go?!

7.) ReVive Light Therapy Essentials Acne Treatment System-Blue

Amazon for $49.00

This handheld device is top of the line and can help you achieve dermatologist results in the comfort of your home. The ReVive Light Therapy Essentials Acne Treatment System was developed using the same technology that NASA used to treat astronauts in space. It’s handheld, easy to use, and can treat acne, wrinkles, sore muscles, and more. The package includes a pain relief cream and anti aging solutions which are definitely worth trying!

8.) NORLANYA Micro Vibration Anti Aging Photon Therapy Beauty Skin Care Machine

Amazon for $58.97

The NORLANYA Micro Vibration Photon Therapy device can be used to treat a wide array of conditions due to it’s three light options. Users can choose red light, blue light, or green light, depending on the condition. The blue light is used to reduce pimples and blemishes, decrease inflammation, clear scars, reduce oil, and improve sensitive skin and rashes. The vibration waves are small and gently, slowly and effectively treating your skin. The device is hand held, small, simple to use, and has an automatic off setting which is always a good idea.

9.) Zadro Sunlight 365 Personal Artificial Sunlight Therapy

Walgreens for $59.99

The Zadro Sunlight 365 Personal Artificial Sunlight Therapy lamp is perfect for anyone who’s been feeling in the dumps. This small and portable lamp has an LCD clock on the front which makes it’s the perfect bedside table addition. It also has a built in timer which helps you track your usage. Along with the light intensity adjustment options, this lamp is perfect for getting your body’s internal clock back in check.

10.) Bluelight Portable SAD Therapy Light

ToolsForWellness for $99.95

The Bluelight Portable SAD Therapy Light was made to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder. This new and modern device is completely programmable, letting you create your own treatment regimem. This option makes following a set schedule so easy! The lamp is made with 60 long lasting and eye safe LED lights with wavelengths between 470 to 475 nanometers. The battery can last for up to 8 treatment sessions and uses a rechargeable battery. Keep this lamp is the padded case it comes with and you’re ready to battle Seasonal Affective Disorder wherever you are!

Top 10 Acne Light Therapy Products Under $100

In the most recent years, when acne treatments are being discussed, the phrase light therapy is usually going to be thrown around. It may seem silly as first to some people. Light can treat my acne? You mean the sun? Oh I have to sit in front of a light? How could that work?

It works, folks. It definitely works. Light therapy is being used to treat not just acne, but also a wide array of skin conditions and disorders. The all natural, chemical free, drug free therapy is breaking headlines everywhere. There are a few different forms of light that work to kill that confidence lowering acne that we all deal with. Red light therapy, blue light Therapy, and a combination of the two are all being used to kill acne causing bacteria in your pores, reduce inflammation, heal scars from previous breakouts, eliminate black heads, and more. Light therapy treatments for acne can be conducted in a doctor’s office or in the comfort of your own home. While the devices doctor’s use are going to be slightly more powerful and you will be supervised throughout the treatment, it often gets extremely expensive to visit a dermatologist each time you want to undergo light therapy treatments. This is why the world has begun to improve at home acne light therapy treatments. In order to get the best results, it’s important to speak with a doctor first, set a schedule for yourself, and fit the treatment into your routine. The easier it is to fit the treatment into your schedule, the better you will be about making it happen. It’s also important to keep an open mind. Light therapy treatments aren’t going to make you acne free and keep you that way in one night. Be patient, follow a schedule, and you’ll have the skin you’ve always dreamed of.

Below is a list of the Top 10 Acne Light Therapy Products Under $100. You can use all of these devices in the comfort of your home, they don’t take up much space, and they won’t break the bank. What else could you ask for?!

1.) NORLANYA Red Light Therapy Machine

Amazon for $59.99

The NORLANYA Red Light Therapy Machine is perfect for killing that acne causing bacteria that lives in your pores and reducing inflammation. With wavelengths at 660 nanometers, this easy to use, handheld device is sure rejuvenate your skin. The device has two photon light therapy modes. You can choose continuous or pulse modes to find what works best for your skin. This device is cordless, easily rechargeable, and can fit in your carry on bag.

2.) IlluMask Acne Light Therapy Mask

Amazon for $16.27

The IlluMask Acne Light Therapy Mask was specially made for conveniently treating acne. The mask uses red and blue light to effectively treat mild cases of acne while also being easy to use and inexpensive. The mask is hands free, drug free, and chemical free. The device also comes with a packet that explains thirty different treatment options.



3.) LED Light Therapy Skin System For Beautiful Skin

Amazon for $99.99

The LED Light Therapy Skin System for Beautiful Skin uses multiple forms of light therapy to target skin conditions. As you’ll see, this device is at a slightly higher price point. The reason being, you get more for your buck. This skin care package includes three detachable light heads which can be changed according to what your skin requires. The device is hand held, cordless when in use and charges with the included cord. The device is aimed to give you a 30 minute treatment per charge and has a built in timer to let you know when your treatments, which are typically 10 minutes long, are finished. The LED Light Therapy Skin Care System has wonderful reviews for not only treating acne. It can also tighten the skin on your face and body and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

4.) Project E Beauty LED 3 Color Photo-Rejuvenation Kit

Amazon for $54.99

The Project E Beauty LED 3 Color Photo-Rejuvenation Kit is similar to the skin care system discussed above but less expensive. This device has detachable heads which allow you to choose exactly what part of your skin you’d like to focus on. The red light head penetrates between 8-10mm, the blue light head penetrates at about .55mm and the green light head is a combination of red and blue. The Project E Beauty Kit also uses small vibrations to help treat the skin. For this price and all that comes with it, why isn’t this simple, handheld device in your shopping cart?

5.) Yok Pollar Light Therapy Machine

Amazon for $72.95

The Yok Pollar Light Therapy Machine is not only great for rejuvenating the skin, reducing fine lines, and tightening the skin, but it’s also made for treating acne. This device uses wavelengths between 620 to 625 nanometers to help you receive dermatologist results right at home. The package is also cordless, easy to store, sits in a charging dock, and includes goggles to keep your eyes safe.



6.) Helios Advanced Light Therapy System

Amazon for $39.99

The Helios Advanced LED Light Therapy System is a complete treatment system. This device gives you everything you need to treat your skin in a small package. The handheld wand has three detachable heads, red, blue, and green. Each light head attachment is precisely engineered with wavelengths between 415 to 660 nanometers to help you achieve the best possible results. The “blemish fighter” head, which you would use for acne treatments, uses blue LED lighting at 415 nanometers to dramatically reduce inflammation and kill acne causing bacteria in your pores. The device can cover a large area of the skin and has an auto-off option so that you can perfectly time your scheduled treatments.


7.) Tanda Clear+ Professional Clearing Solution

Amazon for $79.00

The Tanda Clear Professional Clearing Solution is small and handy, weighing in at just 12 ounces. This device aims to clear existing breakouts and help prevent any future ones. Patients simply press the orange power button and place the device on the affected area. The company claims that a three minute treatment session twice a day can clear your acne and keep it that way. This device is one of the simpler ones we’ve seen, making it a great option for light therapy beginners.


8.) ReVive Light Therapy Skin Treatment

Amazon for $79.95

The ReVive Light Therapy Skin Treatment is a handheld wand that penetrates deep into the skin to kill acne and the bacteria that causes it. The device is made for all skin types, even the sensitive ones! The light head consists of 40 LED blue light bulbs that help you start the journey to the skin you’ve always wanted in just a few days. The device should be used for a minimum of 3 minutes each day and used with goggles if the light is close to your eyes. This device is medical grade for just a fraction of the price!


9.) ReVive Light Therapy Essentials Treatment

Amazon for $49.00

The ReVive Light Therapy Essentials Treatment is highly reviewed and can help you achieve dermatologist results in a short amount of the time. The best part? All your treatments are done in the comfort of your home. This handheld device is medical grade, handheld, and portable. It’s also safe for all skin types, drug free, and all natural. This OTC Class II Medical Device may just be the one for you.


10.) Verilux Clearwave Phototherapy System For Acne

Amazon for $79.99

The Verilux Clearwave Phototherapy System For Acne painlessly destroys the bacteria in your pores that causes acne while keeping the surrounding tissue safe and harm free. This easy to use handheld device is rechargeable, portable, and sits in it’s own dock, making it the perfect addition to your bathroom counter. It was cleared by the FDA for the treatment of mild to moderate acne and it doing great at just that. When applied to affected areas, the device detects contact with the skin and and applies a powerful and effective blue light for a three minute treatment session. The light head is precisely engineered, applying the correct amount of wavelengths to treat your acne while keeping your skin healthy and out of harm’s way.

Top 5 Light Therapy Products For Travelers Under $100 

Light Therapy is all the rave right now. It’s all natural, drug free, chemical free and harm free. It’s being used to treat acne, rejuvenate skin, treat cancer, treat all different forms of depression, treat skin conditions, cure hair loss, and so much more! The biggest factor when it comes to any sort of medical treatment is convenience. If the treatment does not easily fit into your schedule, it’s very common to not give it the chance it deserves. In order to get the best results for light therapy treatments, patients need to set a schedule for themselves and be sure to follow it. In order for this to happen, the treatment has to work with the patient’s daily routine. Many people travel, right? Whether it’s for work, pleasure, family, friends, etc. However, traveling quite frequently while also following a medical treatment plan can be difficult. This is why finding the right Light Therapy product is so important. If you’re a traveler and looking to add Light Therapy to your lifestyle, this list is for you. We have created a list of the Top 5 Light Therapy Products For Travelers Under $100. Our list is succinct and accurate, helping you find the perfect product. These devices are easy to pack in your carry on, can be used just about anywhere, and they won’t empty your wallet. You’re welcome!

1.) Nature Bright Sun Bliss 2 in 1 Portable Light Therapy & Wake-Up Light

Amazon for $60.30

The Nature Bright Sun Bliss 2 in 1 Portable Light Therapy & Wake-Up Light is perfect for the traveler who needs a little help keeping their circadian rhythm in check. This light is made with a 10,000 lux bright light which is meant to mimic the sun no matter what time of day it is. It can be used as a simple light box that you spend some time in front of to raise your energy levels or you can use it as an alarm clock. Set the time you’d like to start waking up and the light will slowly start to turn on, mimicking the sunrise and keeping your mind’s internal clock in check. The Nature Bright Sun Bliss Light is light weight and portable, weighing in at only 15.5 ounces and 1.2 inches in height.

2.) Zadro Sunlight 365

Amazon for $34.95

The Zadro Sunlight 365 was specially designed for the winter blues traveler. This light consists of 35 blue LEDs and has 10,000 lux of light which is quite impressive considering the size. The light is adjustable from 0 to 100% and has a small panel on the front that shows the time and other optionable settings. This light is plastic, small, and portable, making it a necessary addition to your carry on bag.


3.) Verilux Happy Light Liberty 5K Natural Spectrum Energy Lamp

Joann for $19.99

This lamp is on sale! You better add it to your cart quick! The Verilux Happy Light Liberty 5K Natural Spectrum Energy Lamp is only about 6″x7″x3″ which makes it perfect for your office, desk or hotel room. It’s plastic and portable, making it easy to fit in your suitcase or briefcase. It emits 5000 lux which is ideal for mild to moderate cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder, depression, jet lag, shift changes, insomnia, and more. This lamp may be small but it sure is mighty.

4.) LED Light Therapy Skin System For Beautiful Skin

Amazon for $99.99

The LED Light Therapy Skin System for Beautiful Skin uses multiple forms of light therapy to target skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, scars, inflammation, psoriasis, Rosacea, and more. This skin care package includes three detachable light heads which can be changed according to what your skin requires. The device is hand held, cordless when in use and charges with the included cord. The device is aimed to give you a 30 minute treatment per charge and has a built in timer to let you know when your treatments are finished. Treatments are usually 10 minutes long. The device is only 5.6 ounces and 2 inches long, making it easy to continue your skin treatments while traveling. How often do you get to treat your acne on the go? This device makes it possible.

5.) ReVive Light Therapy Skin Treatment

Amazon for $79.95

The ReVive Light Therapy Skin Treatment is a handheld wand that penetrates deep into the skin to kill acne and the bacteria that causes it. The device is made for all skin types, even the sensitive ones! The light head consists of 40 LED blue light bulbs which makes this device a bang for the buck! The device should be used for a minimum of 3 minutes each day and used with goggles if the light is close to your eyes. The ReVive Light Therapy Skin Treatment device is small, portable, and will fit nicely in your toiletry bag while you travel. Continue your treatment on the go! It’ll be worth it.