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Celebrities Who Use Light Therapy

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We always look to celebrities for the little details in our lives. Where do they shop? Where do I get pants like that? How are they so skinny? What kind of makeup do they use? Where do they buy their groceries? Do they work out? What kind of hair products do they use? What’s their diet?

The most common questions usually revolve around their cosmetic appearance…

How is their skin so perfect?
How come I have acne but they don’t?
Where are their wrinkles?
Why don’t they age?!

We all ask ourselves these questions. Jennifer Lopez is forty six years old, a mother to two children, probably busier than any of us can even imagine, and has been in the spotlight for at least thirty years.

How is her skin still so perfect? Where are those wrinkles hiding? Her legs seriously have no cellulite? You’ve got to be kidding. She’s forty six and still rocks booty shorts better than any eighteen year old.

The effervescent J-Lo, perhaps the eighth Wonder of the World for most of us, is just one of many celebrities who use light therapy as a part of her every day routine. Celebrities use multiple different forms of light therapy, some more excessive than others, all showing wonderful results. The options range from light boxes, wands, masks, panels, lamps, wraps or one of the many other options to improve their skin. The results can decrease wrinkles, clear acne, open pores, diminish cellulite, and basically slow down the aging process that we all unfortunately have to go through. Light therapy can help make that whole process is bit easier.

Jennifer Lopez is a huge light therapy fan. She has never gone on the record and told the press exactly what products she uses but she is known to use LED Light Treatments to tight her skin and reduce the lines on her face. She may also use a red light therapy bed to help reduce the lines on her entire body.


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Katy Perry is often posting to her social media accounts about light therapy. She posted the photo above of her using a red light therapy portable mask. Although Perry is only thirty one and probably does not need to worry too much about her skin, she is known for looking pretty dang close to a Barbie Doll. Her skin is flawless for a thirty one year and it’s probably safe to say she wasn’t born that way. This mask uses red lights to keep her looking young! It tightens the skin on her face, reduces any fine lines, treats acne, and more.



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Jessica Alba is another celebrity who has taken to her social media to share her love for light therapy. The thirty four year old mother of two is definitely luck to have been blessed with beautiful Latina skin, but that doesn’t stop her from going the extra mile with light therapy treatments. Alba posted the photo of her Opera light therapy mask above and wasn’t shy about it. Why should she be? Notice the color of the mask. Alba’s facialist chose to use “pink” lights, which are a combination of red and blue lights, to treat her skin. The red light plumps the skin and decreases wrinkles by increasing the collagen in the skin while the blue helps say goodbye to acne by killing the bacteria underneath the skin. This Opera mask lets you choose if you would like to use red, blue, or both lights, maximizing your skin’s potential. Jessica Alba uses this treatment about once a week to help her achieve that flawless skin.


We all seem to have it in our minds that celebrities are different than we are. They’re above us, right? Super humans. But the truth is, they’re humans too. Jennifer Lopez doesn’t just magically have the legs of a twenty something year old, Katy Perry’s skin on her forehead doesn’t magically get tighter over time, and Jessica Alba isn’t Super Woman, although most of us are convinced that she is. There’s no shame in needing a little help to make aging bearable. Why not explore an option that is all natural and isn’t harmful? You wouldn’t be the only one.