Light Therapy is Boosting Libido in Men!

Light Therapy & Libido

The European College of Neuropsychology has released new research which is proving that light therapy can boost libido in men. Libido is a person’s sexual desire. It is often referred to as sex drive or sexual appetite. New research has proven that bright light therapy can actually improve libido levels in men. The more we learn, the more we come to realize that light therapy has endless potential.

Bright light therapy, which is the same form of therapy used for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder, is the form of light therapy being used for improving libido levels. Exposure to bright light therapy increases testosterone levels and can lead to greater sexual satisfaction in men who suffer from low libidos. The researchers from the European College of Neuropsychology are reporting that the 25% of men who have said they suffer from lower libidos can now put their minds to ease. There is hope!

The Proof!

In the study conducted at the European college, scientists gathered 38 men that were diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder, also known as sexual arousal disorder. This disorder refers to men who have a lack of interest in sex. All 38 men underwent an evaluation prior to the study to determine their baseline interest in sex and calculate their testosterone levels.

After this initial evaluation, the men were divided in half. Every single day for two weeks, the 19 men from each group sat in front of a light box early in the morning for half hour long treatments. One of the groups of 19 men was the control group. They were treated with an adapted light box that produced drastically less light than the other group’s light box. The men didn’t know this, of course.

Once the treatment was over, the researchers and scientists discovered that the testosterone levels in the men who were given the active light treatment increased. There levels skyrocketed from 2.1 ng/ml to 3.6 ng/ml after just two weeks. The control group that was given the weak light ended the treatment session with their testosterone levels around the same level as when they began. Which was about 2.3 ng/ml.

Andrea Fagiolini, who was the study author was documented discussing the experiment’s interesting results. Fagiolini explained, “Before treatment, both groups averaged a sexual satisfaction score of around 2 out of 10, but after treatment the group exposed to the bright light was scoring sexual satisfaction scores of around 6.3—a more than 3-fold increase on the scale we used. In contrast, the control group only showed an average score of around 2.7 after treatment.”

Bright light therapy is often used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder as well. This is where we believe the connection lies. Previous research has shown libido levels changing with the seasons. Ambient light can contribute to sexual desire and testosterone levels. Andrea Fagiolini also explained, “In the Northern hemisphere, the body’s testosterone production naturally declines from November through April, and then rises steadily through the spring and summer with a peak in October. You see the effect of this in reproductive rates, with the month of June showing the highest rate of conception.”

Light boxes imitate what nature does to our brains by triggering our pineal gland. This gland is responsible for producing melatonin. Researchers believe that triggering the pineal gland can aid in the production of more testosterone. The way bright light therapy can treat the brain during Seasonal Affective Disorder is the same way it can treat the brains of people suffering from low libidos.

Are You Sold?

While light therapy isn’t technically is an official form of treatment for low libido in men quite yet, anyone can try it out! It’s important to speak to a doctor prior to conducting a light therapy session such as this on your own but once you’re told it’s okay, it’s worth a shot!


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Toni Noe'